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About Us

This community effort has many stake holders ranging from tribal employees, tribal programs, community language learners & instructors, Native American Church, Comanche Language & Cultural Preservation Committee, and our tribal leadership that wanted a clear vision towards reclamation of the Comanche Language. Bridging these gaps with assistance of the Comanche Language and Planning group, the Comanche Nation Language Department was proposed officially on the floor of the 2018 Comanche Nation General Council and was approved for funding for the 2019 fiscal year.

How it began

Beginning in 2017, a collective of concerned tribal members sought to establish a language program under Comanche Nation after noticing a drastic decline in speakers. This revitalization initiative was the leading force behind what is now the Comanche Nation Language Department.

Archived video "Comanche Language Revitalization"​

Archived video "Comanche Language Revitalization Discussion Forum"​

On November 16, 2017 a community meeting called "Comanche Language Revitalization Discussion Forum" was held and live streamed at the Comanche Tribal Complex in Lawton, Ok.  The purpose of this meeting was to inform the tribal community about the efforts underway to revitalize the Comanche Language and to gather input and suggestions from those in attendance as well as those viewing online.  Some of the topics discussed were:


  • Making Language Accessible To All Tribal Members

  • Emergency State of Comanche Language

  • Taking Action

  • Goal Of Comanche Language Planning Group

  • Curriculum Design & Development

  • Assessment Of Available Resources

  • Strategic Plan

About Comanche Language Planning Group

The Comanche Language Planning Group (CLPG) was formed in August, 2017.  This group formed to address the critically endangered status of  Comanche Language. The CLPG consisted of tribal members, employees, elders, and educators who care deeply about the Language and the long term impact that losing it will have on future generations of Nʉmʉnʉʉ.

CLPG vision..
  • Curriculum Design And Development
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Language Enrichment And Immersion
  • Producing New Comanche Speakers and Certified Language Teachers
  • Implementation And Use Of New Media Technology (online dictionary, mobile app, digital archive, multimedia)
  • Facility To House Language Department
  • Utilize Partnerships And Community Relations To Grow And Expand 
Comanche Language Planning And Development 

Through research, consultations, interviews, and assessments, the CLPG developed a plan and proposal to have a line item placed on the fiscal year 2019 budget titled “Comanche Language Planning And Development”. This has since evolved into the current Comanche Nation Language Department.

Efforts to create the Comanche Language Planning And Development established the beginning stages of building a comprehensive plan for language revitalization and initiated the long term strategy to dealing with not only with the severely endangered status of the Comanche Language, but also major areas like producing new language speakers and utilizing new media technology and curriculum design to make Comanche Language teachable and accessible to any tribal member who desires to learn. 

About Comanche Language and Culture Preservation Committee

The Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee (CLCPC) was one of the most important stakeholders that the Comanche Language Planning & Development had.

The language collection curated by the Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee (CLCPC) stands as a cornerstone in the endeavor to safeguard and promote the rich heritage of Comanche language and culture.

As one of the key stakeholders within the Comanche Language Planning & Development initiative, the CLCPC's efforts have yielded a comprehensive repository of linguistic resources. This collection serves as an invaluable resource for present and future generations, offering profound insights into the linguistic intricacies, cultural traditions, and historical narratives of Comanche people. 

Language archives at CLCPC headquarters
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Comanche Nation Language Department Today

A primary goal for the Comanche Nation Language Department is to continue building upon the foundation that CLCPC has set over the past 30 years. CNLD is dedicated in continuing the CLPG's and CLCPC's efforts to distribute important language resources to tribal members while taking a comprehensive approach to the revitalization of the Comanche language. This includes certifying Comanche Language Teachers.


The Comanche Nation Language Department is recognized by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to certify Comanche Language Teachers for public school instruction. It is also the sole recognized certification authority for the Comanche Nation.    

Department Goals

  • Utilize a network of tribal resources, partners, and stakeholders

  • Ensure that our language is in the best hands with qualified staff who are educated, productive, and passionate about Numu Tekwapu (Comanche Language)

  • Consult with and accurately document our last remaining Comanche elder first language speakers

  • Provide a reliable language resource network for tribal programs, entities, and tribal members to use​​

  • Develop, create content, and manage an online Comanche dictionary and mobile application​

  • Utilize new media technology to develop advanced language learning materials

  • Develop a comprehensive Comanche language database

  • Certify language teachers who wish to teach Comanche in the public school system

  • Certify language teachers who wish to teach Comanche within the tribal community

  • Design our own curriculum for learners of all age groups

  • Provide a place designated for language teaching, learning, practice, and research

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