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Our mission is to revitalize and reclaim the Comanche Language and to help our people speak and think in Comanche in our own unique ways.

Online Translation Request Forms

(Comanche Tribal Members)

Planning & Development Update

Published April 20, 2019

Through the efforts of our Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee and the Comanche Nation Language Planning Group, the Comanche Tribal Council voted to approve the planning, development, and implementation of a new Comanche Language Department for fiscal year 2019. The department was slated to begin in October 2018 and now we are on the road to the revitalization and reclamation of the Comanche language. 

Comanche Language Survey

Published April 20, 2019

ATT:  Comanche Tribal Members

Please take a little time and fill out our online survey about language.  Your participation is greatly appreciated and you by taking the survey you will be entered to win a fabulous prize! Drawing will be held on May 17, 2019.  Your responses play an important part in helping us to do language planning and development.  This survey will ask you about the following: attitudes about language, thoughts about our alphabet, motivation to learn, barriers to practice and fluency, and how you feel identity is related to language. 



Comanche Language & Cultural Preservation Committee (CLCPC)

NAC Chapter 1918

CN Childcare


CN Historical Preservation

IT / Media Division

Comanche National Museum

CN Higher Education

CN Youth Program

Early Childhood Development Centers

Comanche Speakers / Teachers

CN Workforce

Memrise App Update

Published May 3, 2019

The memrise online app is continually being updated with new words and lessons.  It is a great learning tool created by Dr. Kathryn Pewenofkit Briner.


Featured Videos

Our latest videos feature the work of Billie Kreger and Patricia Bread.  The story is an old Comanche story about Kwasi Naboo Kasakatu, the flying snakes with wings.  The first video is the story told in Comanche.  The second video has Billie Kreger giving the translation.


All videos are the property of the Comanche Nation.  Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

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