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About Comanche Language Planning Group

Taa Nʉmʉnʉʉ,
Your Input Matters.

We are working towards a greater vision..
  • Curriculum Design And Development
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Language Enrichment And Immersion
  • Producing New Comanche Speakers and Certified Language Teachers
  • Implementation And Use Of New Media Technology (online dictionary, mobile app, digital archive, multimedia)
  • Facility To House Language Department
  • Utilize Partnerships And Community Relations To Grow And Expand 
Comanche Language Planning Group (CLPG)

The Comanche Language Planning Group (CLPG) was formed in August, 2017.  The reason for this group was to address the critically endangered status of our Comanche Language. The CLPG consists of tribal members, employees, elders, and educators who care deeply about the Language and the long term impact that losing it will have on future generations of Numunu.


The goal of the CLPG is to develop a comprehensive strategy to revitalize our Comanche Language.  



What has been accomplished?

Over the last 6 months, research, consultations, interviews, and assessments have lead us to develop a new path towards developing a language department.  


A plan and proposal have been developed and a new line item has been placed on the FY19 budget titled “Comanche Language Planning And Development”.

It is the beginning stages of building a comprehensive plan for language revitalization.  It is a long term strategy to dealing with not only with the severely endangered status of the Comanche Language, but also major areas like producing new language speakers and utilizing new media technology and curriculum design to make Comanche Language teachable and accessible to any tribal member who desires to learn. 

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