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Translation Services

Comanche Language Translation

The Comanche Nation Language Department (CNLD) provides translations from English to Comanche orthography for tribal members, educational, and other non-profit services.


Some words/phrases do not translate directly; however, the department does its best to provide the most accurate translation possible. We appreciate your patience as translation is in high demand and requires careful research.


Due to the large volume of requests, CNLD does not accept unsolicited documents such as poetry, scripts, screenplays, and/or book manuscripts for translation.


The Comanche Nation Language Department is not available for the following requests:


  • Translation of tattoos

  • Translation of names and/or the giving of names in Comanche for children, family members, pets, etc.

  • Translations intended for commercial use

  • Culturally sensitive material


All requests will be ranked in order of priority based on educational/cultural relevance and staff availability. The Comanche Nation Language Department reserves the right to decline any request it receives. To submit a translation request, complete the online translation request form or email the department at

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