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Stakeholders & Partners

Stakeholders​ & Partners

When it comes to stakeholders of our Comanche Language the most important are Comanche tribal members.  Partners are allies, supporters, and contributors that have great interest in not only preserving the language, but also using it and incorporating it into their own respective areas.  The Comanche Language Planning Group began contacting stakeholders and partners in the Fall of 2017.  We found that many had a treasure of materials, knowledge, and information.  They were excited and happy to share any resources they possessed and offered to be of assistance to the Comanche Language Planning Group.  The willingness and support we encountered from each stakeholder and partner is promising to the revitalization efforts and the future of our language.

In time the new Comanche Language Department will be able to access all of these materials and develop ways of how best to preserve and utilize them. 


Language archives at CLCPC headquarters
Language archives at Comanche National Museum


Tribal Members


NAC Chapter 1918

CN Childcare


CN Historic Preservation

IT / Media Division

Comanche National Museum

CN Higher Education

CN Youth Program

Early Childhood Development Centers

Comanche Speakers / Teachers

CN Workforce

Education Center Library

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