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How does this relate to the Comanche Language And Cultural Preservation Committee (CLCPC)?

The Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee is one of the most important stakeholders that the Comanche Language Planning & Development team will have.  Both programs will be on the 2019 Proposed Budget for the Comanche Nation.  We want you, the tribal council, to understand that these two programs are desperately needed to revitalize our language.  


The Comanche Language Planning & Development team will be building upon what the Comanche Language & Cultural Preservation Committee has built over the past 25 years.  The large amount of language resources that is distributed by the committee each year is invaluable.  It is not in the best interest of language revitalization efforts to halt the committee’s work at this point in time.  Their work is needed to continue while the department is planning and developing for the best path to take for our community. 

The Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee will continue to distribute important language resources to the tribal members.  


They will also continue to certify Comanche Language Teachers.  Did you know that the CLCPC is recognized by the Oklahoma State Department of Education to certify Comanche Language Teachers for public school instruction?  Each tribe that desires to have their language taught in the public schools must have a recognized certification authority.  The CLCPC is the recognized certification authority for the Comanche Nation.    


The Comanche Language Planning & Development team will be taking a comprehensive approach to the revitalization of the Comanche language.  The team will be developing an effective strategic plan.  This plan will involve the entire community.  It will be an intensive, coordinated effort that identifies strengths and weaknesses, builds capacity, establishes priorities and developes a realistic and successful path forward for our language.

For more information about the CLCPC visit their website here.

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